Climate of India: Factors and Geography

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Which factor has the greatest influence on the climate of India?

Proximity to the Indian Ocean

What is the primary reason for the variation in climate across different regions of India?

Varied vegetation cover

Which geographical feature shields India from the cold Siberian winds in winter?

The Himalayas

What is the primary driver of the monsoon in India?

Temperature variation between land and sea

Which factor has the most significant impact on the distribution of rainfall in India?

Topography of the region

Among the listed factors, which has the strongest influence on the climate of a specific area?

Monsoon mechanism

What is the main factor influencing the distribution of temperature, rainfall, and winds in a region?

Distance from the Equator

Which factor plays a crucial role in the onset and duration of the monsoon season?

Topography of the region

What is a significant factor affecting the intensity and direction of winds during the monsoon season?

Local vegetation cover

Test your knowledge on the factors influencing the climate of India and the geographical features that contribute to its variation across regions. Explore how the country is shielded from cold Siberian winds in winter.

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