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Which phenomenon causes a complete reversal of wind direction in India during summer?

Distribution of air pressure

What factor causes the cold northern winds to blow across the northern and eastern Asia into India?

Mountain barriers

What contributes to providing stable and dry winter conditions in India?

Jet streams crossing the Himalayas

What plays a dominant role in the upper air circulation affecting India's climate?

Jet streams, especially the sub-tropical jet stream

Which climate pattern involves changes in the temperature of waters in the central and eastern tropical Pacific Ocean?


What type of climate does India have according to the text?

Tropical Monsoon

Which are the two coldest months in the Northern Plains of India?

December and January

What is the coldest place in India according to the text?

Dras valley in Kargil district

Which season in India is characterized by advancing monsoons?


What factor influences the lack of seasonal change in Peninsular India's coastal areas?

Nearness to Equator

What is the term used for the westerly flow from the Mediterranean region that influences the weather of north and north-western parts of India?

Western cyclonic disturbances

During which months do tropical cyclones, as part of the easterly flow, typically affect the coastal areas of Odisha and Andhra Pradesh?

October and November

What is the term used to describe the reversal in pressure conditions between the tropical eastern Indian Ocean and the tropical eastern South Pacific Ocean?

Southern Oscillation

What is the periodic development of warm ocean current along the coast of Peru known as?

El Nino

Which phenomenon leads to an increase in sea surface temperature and weakening of trade winds?

El Nino

What do La Nina and El Nino represent in the El Nino-Southern Oscillation (ENSO)?

"Warm" and "cold" phases respectively

Test your knowledge on the factors influencing the climate in India, such as the impact of northern winds, monsoon patterns, and distance from the sea. Learn about how these factors contribute to the unique climate of the country.

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