Class 11 Biology: Chapter 8 Cell The Unit of Life Notes

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Which scientist formulated the first part of the cell theory in 1839?

Theodor Schwann

Which type of cells are classified as prokaryotes?

Unicellular organisms of the kingdom Bacteria and Archaea

What is a defining characteristic of a eukaryotic cell?

Clearly defined nucleus

What separates the cell interior from the outside environment in all cells?

Cell membrane

Which scientist was a master microscope maker and perfected the design of a simple microscope?

Antonie van Leeuwenhoek

What is the main function of cells in the human body?

All of the above

Which scientist perfected the existing compound microscope design in 1665?

Robert Hooke

What did Robert Hooke call the tiny pores he observed in a piece of cork under the microscope?


Which type of organism is often single-celled or unicellular?


What made the discovery of cells possible?

Development of the compound microscope

Explore NCERT notes for Chapter 8 Cell The Unit of Life which explains the structure, composition, and functions of cells, the building blocks of living organisms. Learn about the significance of cells in giving structure to the body, extracting nutrients, and performing specific functions.

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