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What is the primary role of a civil service commission?

Regulate the employment and working conditions of civil servants

How does the role of a civil service commission compare to that of the human resources department in corporations?


What is a key characteristic of civil service commissions in relation to elected politicians?

Independent from elected politicians

In what way does the Public Service Commission (PSC) in Fiji act as a central personnel authority?

Human relations department for citizens' interactions with the government

What was the origin of the public service commission in many jurisdictions?

White Paper Colonial 197 issued in 1950

What year was the Civil Service Commission (CSC) founded in the Philippines?


How many regional offices does the Civil Service Commission (CSC) have in the Philippines?


What are the other two Constitutional Commissions in the Philippines, alongside the Civil Service Commission?

Commission on Elections and Commission on Audit

What is the term length for the Chairman of the Constitutional Commissions in the Philippines?

Seven years

In what year was the Civil Service Commission (CSC) made a bureau in the Philippines?


Test your knowledge of civil service commissions with this quiz! Challenge yourself with questions about the role, functions, and responsibilities of these government agencies in regulating civil service employment and working conditions.

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