CIGD2104 Graphic Design History: Prehistoric Visual Communications

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What is the estimated age of early human markings found in Africa?

Over 200,000 years old

What was used to make the color black in prehistoric times?


Which location is known for the cave painting dating back to c. 15,000–10,000 BCE?

Lascaux caves in southern France

What is the significance of the Fremont rock painting from San Raphael Swell?

It represents the use of a palette of pigments mixed with fat as a medium

What dominated life in the Mesopotamian city-state?


What type of temple compound dominated the Mesopotamian city?


What was the logical material for record keeping in Sumer?


How did the early Sumerian pictographic tablet structure information?

By dividing information into grid zones

What innovation altered the nature of writing, evolving pictographs into an abstract sign writing called cuneiform?

Using a triangular-tipped stylus to create wedge-shaped strokes

What did the drilled hole denote in the archaic tablet fragment from the late fourth millennium BCE?

A quantity of goods

How did scribes increase writing speed around 2500 BCE?

By replacing the stylus with a triangular-tipped one

What did the Sumerian symbols for 'star,' 'head,' and 'water' evolve into by 2500 BCE?

'Cuneiform' writing

What made writing easier and the pictographs less literal around 2800 BCE?

Turning the pictographs on their sides

What did the temple chiefs consciously seek a system for recording?

Answers to specific questions

What did early Sumerian tablets apparently list commodities by?

'Pictographic drawings' of objects

'Cuneiform' writing evolved from which early type of script?

'Wedge-shaped strokes'

Test your knowledge of prehistoric visual communications and early human markings found in Africa and Europe. Explore the significance of cave paintings, such as those in Lascaux, France, and Altamira, Spain.

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