Chemistry: Solutions and Mixtures

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What is a solution?

A mixture of two or more substances that are evenly distributed

Which of the following statements about solutes and solvents is correct?

There can be multiple solutes but only one solvent

What is the effect of increasing temperature on the solubility of a solid solute in a liquid solvent?

The solubility increases

How does increasing pressure affect the solubility of gases in water?

It increases the solubility

What is the maximum amount of solute that can dissolve in a given amount of solvent called?


Which of the following factors can affect the solubility of a solute?

All of the above

Why does carbon dioxide gas remain dissolved in a closed beverage bottle?

The high pressure inside the bottle prevents the gas from escaping.

What happens when a carbonated beverage bottle is opened?

The gas solubility decreases, causing the carbon dioxide gas to bubble off the liquid.

How can the rate of dissolution of a solid solute be increased?

By increasing the surface area of the solute exposed to the solvent.

Why does powdered coffee dissolve faster than granulated coffee, even without stirring?

Powdered coffee has a larger surface area exposed to the solvent.

How does stirring a mixture affect the rate of dissolution of a solute?

Stirring brings fresh solvent into contact with the solute, increasing the rate of dissolution.

What is the relationship between the surface area of a solute and its rate of dissolution?

Larger surface area leads to faster dissolution.

Learn about solutions and mixtures in chemistry with this quiz. Understand the differences between solutions and non-solutions, the components of a solution (solute and solvent), and the characteristics of homogeneous mixtures.

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