Chemistry Laboratory Techniques and Glassware Quiz

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Reading a meniscus: - Has to be eye level with the ______


PIPET - Delivers a definite volume of ______


BURET - Cylindrical glass tubes with graduations along its ______


ANALYTICAL BALANCE - Precautions: a.) Never place chemicals directly on the balance ______


GRADUATED CYLINDER - For measuring the volume of a liquid when extreme accuracy is not ______


Study Notes

Laboratory Equipment

  • When reading a meniscus, it is essential to be at eye level with the meniscus.
  • A pipet is a laboratory tool that delivers a definite volume of liquid.
  • A buret is a cylindrical glass tube with graduations along its length, used for precise measurement of liquids.
  • When using an analytical balance, it is crucial to take precautions: never place chemicals directly on the balance pan.
  • A graduated cylinder is a laboratory tool used for measuring the volume of a liquid when extreme accuracy is not required.

Test your knowledge of chemistry laboratory techniques and measurements with this quiz on reading a meniscus and using glassware like pipets. Learn about the importance of eye level, understanding the shape of the meniscus, and the specific uses of different types of glassware.

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