Chemistry Chapter 1: Solutions and Concentration Expressions

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Which type of solution contains water as a solvent?

Aqueous solution

What is the definition of parts per million (ppm) in expressing solution concentration?

Parts of a component per million solution

Which expression represents the volume by volume parts per million (ppm) for a component in a solution?

$\frac{\text{Volume of a component}}{\text{Total volume of solution}} \times 10^6$

What does the mole fraction of a particular component in a solution represent?

The ratio of number of moles of a particular component to the total number of moles of all components

In which type of solution can more solute be dissolved at the same temperature?

Unsaturated solution

This quiz covers topics like types of solutions, molarity, normality, ppm, mole fraction, and Henry's Law. Learn about the concepts of solutions, including solute and solvent characteristics.

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