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What is the process in which a substance (or substances) is changed into one or more new substances?

Combination Reaction

What is the chemist’s shorthand description of a reaction?

Chemical Equation

What is the breakdown of a compound into two or more components known as?

Decomposition Reaction

Which law states that in a chemical reaction matter cannot be created nor destroyed?

Law of Conservation of Mass

What is the first step in balancing a chemical equation?

Identify all the reactants and products

What is the second step in balancing a chemical equation?

Count the number of atoms of each element

What is a combination reaction?

A reaction in which two or more substances combine to form a single product

What is the general formula for a combination reaction involving a metal and a nonmetal?

A + B = AB

What is a combustion reaction?

A reaction in which a substance reacts with oxygen to produce heat and light

What is displacement reaction?

A reaction where an element in a compound is replaced by another element

What is the general formula for a double displacement reaction?

AB + CD = AD + CD

What type of reaction is a neutralization reaction?

Double Displacement Reaction

What does the empirical formula specify?

The smallest whole-number ratio of atoms of the elements in a compound

What is stoichiometry?

The quantitative study of reactants and products in a chemical reaction

What is the Mole Method?

An approach when we use moles to calculate the amount of product formed in a reaction

What does the molecular formula specify?

The formula that specifies both the relative and the actual number of atoms of the elements in a compound

Test your knowledge of chemical reactions and equations with this quiz covering the five classes of combination reactions, including decomposition of metallic carbonate. Explore the process of chemical reactions and the shorthand description through chemical equations.

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