Chemical Process Instrumentation Prof. Debasis Sarkar Lecture 03 Quiz

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What is the main focus of the lecture 3 on general principles and representations of instruments?

Introducing the concept of functional elements of an instrument

How can the operation of any instrument be described according to the lecture?

In terms of functional elements

What is the purpose of identifying the functional elements of an instrument?

To convert a variable quantity to a corresponding indication

According to the lecture, what do all instruments contain?

Functional elements

What is the significance of classifying various instruments according to the lecture?

To reflect the diversity in instrumentation

What is one of the main questions raised in the text?

Can instruments be broken down into components with similar functions?

What is the function of the bulb in a mercury in glass thermometer?

It interacts with the medium to measure temperature.

What is the purpose of the bourdon tube in pressure measuring instruments?

To undergo restricted expansion and cause a pointer movement.

In what way is a thermocouple different from a mercury in glass thermometer?

A thermocouple uses dissimilar metals to measure temperature.

What is being discussed when considering generalization of various instruments?

Breaking down instruments into several components with similar functions.

Test your knowledge on the general principles and representations of instruments in the field of chemical process instrumentation as discussed in lecture 3 by Prof. Debasis Sarkar from the Department of Chemical Engineering at IIT Kharagpur.

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