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What is the defining characteristic of protists?

They are mostly aquatic

Which domain do protists fall within?


What is the main characteristic of animal-like protists?

They ingest food for nutrients

What type of protists are also known as 'protozoa'?

Animal-like protists

What process do plant-like protists use to obtain nutrients?


Which group of protists externally digest food and then absorb the nutrients?

Fungus-like protists

What is the evolutionary connection between cyanobacteria and red and green algae?

Red and green algae have DNA similar to cyanobacteria

What is the main characteristic of diatoms?

Having glass-like cell walls

What is the impact of some dinoflagellates on aquatic organisms?

Producing toxins that kill fish and other organisms

What is the ability of euglena in relation to obtaining nutrients?

They are able to produce their own food through photosynthesis

Study Notes

Characteristics of Protists

  • The defining characteristic of protists is their diverse range of characteristics, making them difficult to classify.

Classification of Protists

  • Protists fall within the domain Eukarya.

Animal-Like Protists

  • The main characteristic of animal-like protists is their ability to obtain nutrients by consuming other organisms.


  • Animal-like protists are also known as protozoa.

Plant-Like Protists

  • Plant-like protists use photosynthesis to obtain nutrients.

Fungus-Like Protists

  • Fungus-like protists, such as slime molds and water molds, externally digest food and then absorb the nutrients.

Evolutionary Connection

  • Cyanobacteria are the evolutionary ancestors of red and green algae.


  • The main characteristic of diatoms is their cell walls, which are made of silica.


  • Some dinoflagellates produce toxins that can be harmful to aquatic organisms.


  • Euglena have the ability to obtain nutrients through both photosynthesis and consuming other organisms.

Test your knowledge on the cellular structure and classification of protists, eukaryotic organisms that don't fit within the plant, animal, or fungi kingdoms. Learn about their eukaryotic nature, mostly unicellular composition, and preference for aquatic environments.

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