Characteristics of Modern Operations Function

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Today's production system is characterized by at least four features, one of them being Manufacturing as Competitive ______


Plants have excess capacities, competition is mounting, and firms look to gain competitive advantage to survive and succeed, which highlights the importance of effective resource ______


Total Quality Management (TQM), Time-Based Competition, and Just-in-Time (JIT) are some techniques employed by companies to gain competitive ______


The production management of today emphasizes gaining competitive advantage to survive and succeed by focusing on customer ______


The modern production system offers vast scope to gain competitive edge through techniques like Business Process Re-engineering (BPRE) and Flexible Manufacturing Systems (FMS) which highlight the broad scope of operations ______


The service sector is gaining greater relevance these days, emphasizing the importance of understanding the characteristics of modern operations ______


To achieve adequate levels of resource utilization, operations managers must attempt to balance these basic objectives of ______ and customer service.


Operations Management concerns with the conversion of inputs into outputs, using physical resources, to provide the desired utilities to the customer while meeting the organizational objectives of effectiveness, efficiency, and ______.


The twin objectives of operations management include achieving agreed levels of utilization of materials, machines, and labor, as well as providing goods or services with the right specification, cost, and ______.


The activities listed under Production and Operations Management functions include location of facilities, plant layouts and ______.

material handling

One of the characteristics of modern operations function is its primary concern for 'conversion by using ______ resources'.


Operations managers must strive to provide agreed or adequate levels of customer service to achieve customer satisfaction by delivering goods or services with the right specification, cost, and ______.


Operations management is the management of that part of an organization that is responsible for producing goods and/or services. There are examples of these goods and services all around you. Every book you read, every video you watch, every e-mail you send, every telephone conversation you have, and every medical treatment you receive involves the operations function of one or more organizations. So does everything you wear, eat, travel in, sit on, and access the Internet with. However, to have a clear idea of Operations Management, one must have an idea of ‘Operating Systems’. An Operating System is defined as a configuration of resources combined for the provision of ______.

goods or services

Retail organizations, hospitals, bus and taxi services, tailors, hotels, and dentists are all examples of ______.

operating systems

Any operating system converts inputs, using physical resources, to create outputs, the function of which is to satisfy ______ wants.


The creation of goods or services involves transforming or converting inputs into ______.


Operations management focuses on resource utilization to efficiently produce ______ and/or services.


One of the characteristics of a modern operations function is to adapt to ______ in production/operations management.

recent trends

Explore the key characteristics that distinguish modern production management systems from those of the past. Learn how manufacturing has evolved to become a competitive advantage in organizations.

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