Centrifugation Process in Blood Component Separation

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What is the purpose of the light spin centrifugation step in whole blood processing?

To separate red blood cells from platelet-rich plasma

What is the recommended storage temperature for platelets obtained from whole blood processing?


What is the purpose of the heavy spin centrifugation step in platelet-rich plasma processing?

To separate platelets from platelet-poor plasma

What is the name given to a platelet unit obtained from plateletpheresis?

Single Donor Platelets (SDP)

What is the minimum donor platelet count required for plateletpheresis?


What is the primary cause of ineffective platelet transfusion after multiple platelet transfusions?

Platelet antibody development and HLA alloimmunization

What is the recommended time frame for processing whole blood to prepare a random donor platelet (RDP) concentrate?

Within 6-8 hours after collection (6 hours for ACD, 8 hours for CPD/CP2D/CPDA1)

What is the recommended temperature range for maintaining whole blood intended for RDP preparation?


What is the minimum platelet count required for a single RDP unit?

5.5 × 10^10 platelets

What is the expected increase in platelet count after transfusing one RDP unit in a typical 70-kg human?

5,000 - 10,000 per μL

What is the minimum pH requirement for the plasma in an RDP unit?

pH ≥ 6.2

What is the recommended maximum number of individual whole blood units that can be pooled to prepare an RDP batch?

10 units

What is the best way to transfuse platelets according to the text?

Transfusing platelet units collected via apheresis

What is the formula for calculating percent recovery of platelets after transfusion?

(post-transfusion plt count - pretransfusion plt count) x Blood Volume / approximate total number of platelets infused

What is the maximum time after collection that plasma can be prepared as Fresh Frozen Plasma (FFP)?

6 hours if ACD is used, 8 hours if CP2D, CPD, or CPDA1 is used

How long can Fresh Frozen Plasma (FFP) be stored at -18C?

1 year

What is the purpose of thawing cryoprecipitate in a 4C water bath for 4 hours?

To ensure the cryoprecipitate is completely thawed and ready for use

What is the purpose of calculating the number of cryoprecipitate units required for a factor VIII deficient patient?

To ensure the patient receives enough factor VIII to stop bleeding

Learn about the centrifugation process used to separate red blood cells, platelet-rich plasma, and platelets in blood bank procedures. Understand the steps involved in preparing fresh frozen plasma (FFP) and platelet concentrate.

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