Centrifugation in Colloidal Solutions

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What type of colloid is formed in fog, clouds, and mist?


Which of the following is an example of a solid-gas colloid?


What type of colloid is milk of magnesia?


In the context of colloids, what is the dispersing medium in a foam colloid?


Which of the following is NOT an example of a solid-solid colloid?


What type of colloid is created by shaving cream?


What are the components of a colloidal solution?

Dispersed phase and dispersion medium

How are colloids classified?

According to the state of the dispersed phase and dispersion medium

What is one of the properties of a colloid?

Colloids scatter light and make their path visible

Which type of mixture is a colloid?

Heterogeneous mixture

What happens to colloids when left undisturbed?

They remain stable and do not settle down

What is the solute-like component in a colloid called?

Dispersed phase

What is a characteristic of a colloidal solution?

Particles are uniformly spread throughout the solution

How does the appearance of a colloidal solution differ from a suspension?

Colloidal solution appears homogeneous, while suspension appears heterogeneous

Why is milk considered a colloidal solution?

Because the small particles in milk can scatter light

Which scientist is the Tyndall effect named after?


Why can colloidal particles not be seen with naked eyes?

Because they are too small

How can one observe the Tyndall effect in a room?

By shining a beam of light through a small hole

Learn about the special technique of separation using centrifugation in colloidal solutions. Understand the components of colloidal solutions: dispersed phase and dispersion medium, and how colloids are classified based on the state of the dispersing medium.

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