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Which of the following is NOT a function of cell membranes?

Serving as attachment surface for cytoskeleton and ECS

What are the main components of cell membranes?

Membrane proteins and membrane lipids

What is the structure of the lipid bilayer in cell membranes?

Two layers of lipids

What is the role of membrane proteins in cell membranes?

Regulating the movement of material into and out of the cell

What is the purpose of cell membrane visualization techniques?

To study the functions and properties of biological membranes

Which of the following is NOT a component of the cell membrane?

Nucleic acids

What percentage of the mass of most animal cell membranes is made up of lipids?


Which type of proteins in the cell membrane mediate functions such as transport and catalysis of reactions?

Transmembrane proteins

What is the main role of the lipid bilayer in the cell membrane?

To regulate the flow of water-soluble molecules

Which model describes cell membranes as fluid, dynamic structures with molecules able to move in the plane of the membrane?

Fluid mosaic model

Which organelles are involved in fatty acid oxidation?


What is the main function of the cell membrane?

Separating the cellular interior from the exterior

Which process involves the merging of two separate lipid bilayers?

Membrane fusion

What is the purpose of compartmentalization in cells?

To coordinate different reactions in the same pathway

Which organelles are responsible for membrane fission?

Endoplasmic reticulum

Which type of cell membrane contains the highest percentage of lipids?

Liver cell (Mouse)

Which type of cell membrane contains the highest percentage of proteins?

Liver cell (Rat)

Which type of cell membrane contains the highest percentage of carbohydrates?

Erythrocytes (Human)

What is the main difference between bacterial plasma membranes and eukaryotic cell membranes?

Bacterial plasma membranes have an overlying cell wall, while eukaryotic cell membranes do not.

What is the most favorable structure for lipid molecules in an aqueous environment?

Bimolecular sheets (bilayers)

Which microscopy technique provides views of surfaces inside the cell?

Freeze-fracture electron microscopy

What is the main purpose of the freeze-fracture technique?

To study the cell membrane

Which type of electron microscopy is used to visualize the cells' cytoplasm rich in cytokeratin?

Transmission electron microscopy (TEM)

What are the major components of a phospholipid molecule in the cell membrane?

Polar head group and two hydrophobic hydrocarbon tails

Which of the following is true about the bilayer in the cell membrane?

The bilayer is asymmetric with unequal distribution of phospholipids

Which phospholipid carries a net negative charge in the plasma membrane?


Which of the following is NOT a major phospholipid found in mammalian plasma membranes?


Where is the outer membrane layer located?

Extracellular space

Which of the following is NOT a lipid found in the bilayer of the cell membrane?


Who authored the text?

Clara Camargo, DVM

Test your knowledge about the composition of cell membranes! This quiz will cover the percentages of lipids, proteins, and carbohydrates in various cell membranes, including those of different organisms and organelles. Learn about the differences between prokaryotic and eukaryotic cell membranes. Challenge yourself with this informative quiz!

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