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What is the main function of epithelial tissue?

Acting as a barrier and aiding in absorption, secretion, and excretion

Which tissue type is primarily made up of contractile proteins like actin and myosin?

Muscle tissue

What happens to cells during hypertrophy?

Cells increase in size when the workload increases

What is the main function of nervous tissue?

Sensing, processing, and responding to internal and external stimuli

Which cellular adaptive change involves cells decreasing in size and number due to decreased work demands?


What is the main function of connective tissue?

Supports and connects other tissues

What is the result of an increase in the number of cells in an organ or tissue that are capable of mitotic division?


Which type of cell change involves mutation into cells with different size, shape, and appearance, often being precancerous?


What term describes abnormal and excessive tissue growth that can invade other tissues?


What is the process of programmed cell death that occurs at a specific point in development?


Which type of necrosis involves caustic enzymes dissolving and liquefying necrotic cells, often seen in the brain?

Liquefaction necrosis

What type of necrosis results from an interruption of blood flow, leading to acidosis and denaturation of cell enzymes?

Coagulative necrosis

Test your knowledge on cell growth and transformation processes such as metaplasia, dysplasia, and neoplasia. Understand how cells change in response to stimuli and their potential outcomes.

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