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What is the main responsibility of Dhaka City Corporation (DCC) according to the text?

Ensuring proper disposal of municipal solid waste

What is highlighted as a key difference between the waste produced by modern humans and that in the natural world?

Modern humans produce huge amounts of waste while natural recycling occurs in the natural world

What concept does the example of a monkey knowing to discard the banana peel illustrate?

Awareness of what is usable and what is waste

What is a key aspect of learning in the course related to solid and hazardous waste management?

Exploring engineering and scientific details of waste generation

What fundamental principle about waste generation is discussed in the text?

All creatures, including humans, constantly make decisions about what to discard

How does the text portray waste in relation to everyday life?

As a natural consequence of living organisms

What did the Urban Management Policy Statement 1998 recommend regarding services for municipalities?

Privatization of services

According to the National Policy for Water Supply and Sanitation 1998, what is emphasized for water supply and sanitation in urban areas?

Participation of the private sector and NGOs

What does the National Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) Strategy 2004 allow for projects aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions?

Foreign direct investment

Why is the local level legal framework inadequate to address the growing problem mentioned?

Insufficient legislation available

Which entities are responsible for solid waste management issues according to the text?

City corporation and municipalities (pourashava)

What is the definition of municipal solid waste?

Wastes consisting of everyday items like product packaging and food scraps

What are some synonyms used for solid waste?


What is the key characteristic that differentiates solid waste from liquid waste?

Ease of passing through a pipe

Which of the following is not considered a type of municipal solid waste?

Industrial waste

What are the three types of waste according to physical state mentioned in the text?

Solid Waste, Liquid Waste, Gas Waste

What does the term 'liquid waste' include?

'Sewage' or watery mud

What happens when water passes through accumulated solid wastes?

It picks up soluble components blurring the distinction between solid and liquid waste.

What distinguishes hazardous waste according to the text?

Contains toxic, carcinogenic, mutagenic, or teratogenic compounds above established limits.

What was unique about human behavior related to solid waste according to the text?

Humans wallowed in offal, a characteristic unique to humans.

Which legislation made it illegal to dump municipal refuse into the sea?

US legislation in 1934.

What is one of the criteria defining hazardous waste as per the text?

Contains toxic and carcinogenic compounds above established limits.

Where were containers of radioactive wastes dumped between 1946 and 1970 according to EPA records?

Three oceanic sites in the Pacific Ocean.

What is the main idea behind the 'polluter pays' principle?

Producers should bear the costs of managing pollution to prevent damage to health and the environment.

Why are serious adverse environmental impacts usually associated with past disposal practices?

Past disposal practices did not separate general waste from hazardous waste and lacked containment measures for leachate and chemicals.

In developing countries, what limits the capacity of town and city authorities to manage solid waste effectively?

Rapid urbanization and extreme shortage of resources like trained labor and financial capital.

Why did solid waste management receive little attention in poor countries compared to other utility services?

Lack of legislations, policy, and guidelines for environmental monitoring.

'Integrated Solid Waste Management' involves which of the following?

Employing a combination of suitable techniques and technologies for an environmentally clean and economically attractive solution.

Why are discarded waste materials often considered a resource in Integrated Solid Waste Management?

Due to their potential reusability in another setting.

Test your knowledge on the topics covered in Chapter 1 (Part I) and Chapter 2 - Evolution of Solid Waste Management & Legislative Trends and Impacts by Dr. Shama E. Haque, Associate Professor of DCEE. This quiz is based on the lecture delivered on 24th September 2018.

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