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Which type of heart failure is characterized by a weakened heart muscle and alteration in ventricular contraction?

Systolic heart failure

Which type of heart failure is characterized by a stiff and noncompliant heart muscle, making it difficult for the ventricle to fill?

Diastolic heart failure

What is the formula to calculate the ejection fraction (EF)?

EF = amount of blood present at the end of diastole - amount of blood present in the left ventricle at the end of systole

If a patient has normal ejection fraction (EF) in diastolic heart failure, what does it indicate?

The patient does not have heart failure

What is the normal range for ejection fraction (EF)?

55% to 65%

Test your knowledge on Cardiac/Heart Failure (HF) with this quiz. Learn about the two major types of HF, including systolic heart failure, and understand the causes and symptoms associated with this condition.

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