Carbohydrate Identification Tests

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Which test is not specific for carbohydrates and may also be transformed into furfural derivatives?

Molisch Test

What color indicates a positive result in the Bial's Orcinol Test?


Which test is specific for ketose sugar and forms rapidly hydroxymethyl furfural as a result of dehydration?

Seliwanoff's Test

What is the function of H2SO4 in the Molisch Test?

Dehydrating agent

What is formed when an alkaline solution of CuSO4 is heated with a reducing sugar in the Benedict's Test?

Red color

Test your knowledge on carbohydrate identification tests with this quiz. Learn about the Molisch Test, Bial's Orcinol Test, Seliwanoff's Test, Benedict's Test, Barfoed's Test, and Tollen's Test.

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