Carbohydrate Identification Test

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What is the basis of the test for identifying carbohydrates from other macromolecules?

Reaction of alpha-naphthol with carbohydrates in the presence of sulfuric acid

What is the specific characteristic of monosaccharides in this test?

They give a rapid positive test

What causes the formation of purple-colored furfural or hydroxymethylfurfural derivatives in the test?

Sugars reacting with alpha-naphthol in an acidic environment

Starch gives a reddish brown complex with iodine in this test


Glycogen reacts to form blue color with iodine in this test


The purpose of this test is to differentiate polysaccharides from other carbohydrates


Test your knowledge of identifying carbohydrates using chemical reactions. Learn about the reactions of different types of carbohydrates with alpha-naphthol and sulfuric acid, and the resulting color changes.

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