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Canine Referral Population: Systemic Diseases

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What is the percentage of dogs with diabetes mellitus in the canine referral population of the ophthalmology service?


Which of the following systemic medications was not administered to dogs at the time of ICH diagnosis?


What is the significance of the occurrence of the four systemic diseases in dogs with ICH compared to the general canine referral population?

Significantly more frequent

What is the correlation between corneal vascularization and stromal ICH in affected eyes?

Corneal vascularization is associated with stromal ICH

What is the distribution of hemorrhages in the cornea?

In all quadrants

What is the percentage of dogs with hyperadrenocorticism in the canine referral population of the ophthalmology service?


Which breed of dog was found to be the most prevalent in the study?

Bichon Frise

What is the age trend observed in the ICH population compared to the referral population?

Older dogs are over-represented in the ICH group

What is the likely cause of the association between ocular disease and ICH?

The angiogenesis caused by the processes of ocular diseases

What is the increased risk factor for ICH observed in human patients?

Older age

What was the result of the comparison between the signalment data for the entire Cornell University ophthalmology service canine referral population and the ICH population?

No statistical discrepancies were identified

What is the publication reference cited in the study?

Veterinary Ophthalmology, 2017, 1, 27-33

What is a common risk factor for both intracranial hemorrhage and subconjunctival hemorrhage in human beings?


Which systemic condition has been found to be associated with atherosclerosis in dogs?


What is a major factor contributing to the development and progression of atherosclerosis?

Advancing age

What is a possible mechanism by which systemic diseases may contribute to ICH development?


Which of the following is NOT a risk factor for intracranial hemorrhage in human beings?


What is the systemic condition that has been found to increase the risk for subconjunctival hemorrhage in human beings?

Clotting disorders

What is the primary mechanism by which diabetes mellitus contributes to atherosclerosis?

By promoting inflammation and vascularization

Which of the following systemic diseases can disrupt the physiological processes of primary and secondary hemostasis?


What is the potential effect of hyperadrenocorticism on hemostasis?

It causes a complex coagulopathy involving hypercoagulability and platelet hyporeactivity or dysfunction

What is the association between systemic hypertension and other systemic diseases in dogs?

It is frequently associated with hyperadrenocorticism and diabetes mellitus

What is the potential effect of systemic hypertension on the vasculature of the canine eye?

It increases the chances of hemorrhage in different anatomic locations

What is the common feature among the five dogs with systemic hypertension in this study?

They all had the disease in conjunction with hyperadrenocorticism or diabetes mellitus

What is a potential underlying cause of keratoconjunctivitis sicca in dogs?

Diabetes mellitus and hypothyroidism

What is the minimum evaluation that should be performed when a dog is presented with ICH?

Thorough physical examination, including evaluation for signs of abnormal hemorrhage elsewhere in the dog

What is a limitation of the present study?

Inconsistent or limited data availability for some study dogs

What is the association between canine stromal ICH and corneal vascularization?

Canine stromal ICH is closely associated with corneal vascularization

What is the significance of ICH in dogs?

It is a relatively uncommon condition that can be a manifestation of severe systemic disease

What is the purpose of a thorough evaluation of systemic health in dogs with ICH?

To identify potential systemic etiologies of ICH

This quiz covers the frequency of systemic diseases in dogs, including diabetes, hyperadrenocorticism, hypertension, and hypothyroidism, in an ophthalmology referral population.

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