Cancer Prevention and Risks

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What percentage of childhood cancer patients are cured and live to adulthood?


What is the term for the process of a tumor developing a network of new blood vessels to support it with nutrients?


What is a current area of research in cancer treatment being developed and tested in clinical trials?

Drugs that inhibit angiogenesis

What is a common emotional response to a cancer diagnosis?


What is a key factor in coping with a cancer diagnosis?


How many new child cancer patients are diagnosed every year?


What is the term for the process of abnormal cells being eliminated by the immune system?


What is a key goal of cancer treatment?

Curing cancer

What is a benefit of early cancer detection?

All of the above

What is a crucial aspect of preventing cancer?

All of the above

Learn about the risks and prevention methods of cancer. Discover the environmental factors, diet, and lifestyle habits that contribute to cancer development. Test your knowledge on cancer prevention and treatment options.

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