Cancer Characteristics and Growth Factors

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What happens when two normal cells come into contact?

Cell division stops

How is a malignant cell characterized?

Uncontrolled multiplication

What distinguishes a benign tumor from a malignant one?

Does not cross the basement membrane

What happens when growth factors are dysregulated?

Cancer formation

Why is the dysregulation of growth factors significant in cancer development?

It leads to uncontrolled cell growth

What is a common characteristic of cytotoxic compounds mentioned in the text?

They are usually DNA intercalators

How are cytotoxic compounds usually synthesized according to the text?

From natural products

Which type of compounds are commonly used as DNA intercalators?

Cytotoxic compounds

What is the primary source of the synthesis of cytotoxic compounds?

Natural products

Which characteristic distinguishes cytotoxic compounds from other types of compounds?

Being DNA intercalators

What is the main mechanism of action (MOA) of Bleomycin?

Inhibition of DNA synthesis

Which organism is Bleomycin derived from?

Streptomyces verticillatus

What is a notable adverse effect associated with Bleomycin?

Pulmonary fibrosis

Which of the following processes is NOT inhibited by Bleomycin?

Cell membrane formation

What type of breaks can Bleomycin cause in DNA?

Both single-strand and double-strand breaks

What is the primary function of the p53 gene?

Act as a tumor suppressor

Why is primary chemotherapy not considered curative in most cancer cases?

Most cancers are discovered in advanced stages

What happens when the p53 gene is mutated?

It accelerates neoplastic phenotype

In the context of cancer treatment, why is it important to detect cancers at an early stage?

To increase the chance of curative treatment success

What role does p53 gene play in the cell cycle?

Removing deviant cells

What may have high curative potential following surgical resection of the primary tumor?

Chemotherapy regimens with clinical activity against advanced disease

What is crucial for chemotherapy regimens to have high curative potential after surgical resection?

Appropriate dose and schedule

Which factor plays a significant role in determining the curative potential of chemotherapy regimens?

Clinical activity against advanced disease

What could potentially lead to high curative potential in chemotherapy regimens?

Surgical resection of the primary tumor

What is emphasized as essential for achieving curative outcomes with chemotherapy after surgery?

Administering the correct dose and schedule

Learn about the characteristics of cancer including local invasion, metastasis, contact inhibition, and the differences between malignant and benign tumors. Explore how growth factors are regulated for organized growth and how dysregulation can lead to cancer formation.

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