Canadian Expeditionary Force (CEF) No. 2 Construction Battalion Quiz

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What was the primary mandate of the Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission when it was first established?

Addressing the plight of Black Nova Scotians

Which organization successfully took Viola Desmond's case to the Supreme Court of Canada?

Nova Scotia Association for the Advancement of Coloured People

Which Canadian battalion in World War I was predominantly composed of Black soldiers?

No. 2 Construction Battalion

What significant role did Baptist minister John Burton play in Nova Scotia in the 19th century?

He was a preacher who integrated Black and white Nova Scotians into the same congregation

Which organization was established to advocate for civil rights for Black Nova Scotians in the 20th century?

Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission

What recent official action addressed past harm done to the No. 2 Construction Battalion in Nova Scotia?

Apology to the No. 2 Construction Battalion

What is the main focus of inclusive education according to the text?

Ensuring an equitable education for all students

Why is it important for students to feel safe, accepted, and valued in school?

To help them succeed in learning

How does Robert Seymour Wright contribute to promoting lasting systemic change?

By integrating teaching and supervising interns with his work

What is the vision of a quality education system for Black learners in Nova Scotia as per the BLAC Report?

A system that is accessible and equitable for Black learners

What role do all staff have according to the Inclusive Education Policy?

To support Black students in feeling safe, accepted, and valued

Test your knowledge on the No. 2 Construction Battalion, the only Canadian battalion of Black soldiers in the First World War. Learn more about the significant biographical and family information of the enlisted men and officers with the Nominal Roll of Officers, Non-Commissioned Officers and Men from March 1917.

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