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What are cabinets used for?

Storing or displaying items

What are dressers or chests of drawers used for?

Clothing and small articles

What is the arts and crafts movement?

A movement that spurred a market for traditional cabinet making and other craft goods

What is the difference between wardrobes and armoires?

Wardrobes are cabinets for storing or displaying items while armoires are tall cabinets for hanging clothes

What are some different styles of design and furniture?

Glamour, Scandinavian, French Provincial, Early American Colonial, Rustic, Mission, Oriental, and Shaker

What materials are used in cabinet construction?

Wood, particleboard, and MDF

What is the purpose of cabinet handles and knobs?

To open and close cabinet doors

What is the importance of cabinet construction quality?

Essential for durability and functionality

What is recommended for cabinet construction installation?

Professional installation

Study Notes

Cabinets: A Detailed Overview

  • Cabinets are cases or cupboards used for storing or displaying items, and are made of wood, coated steel, or synthetic materials.

  • Cabinets are standalone or built into a wall, with doors, drawers, and/or shelves, and may have locks and finished surfaces for display or work.

  • Dressers or chests of drawers are cabinets for clothing and small articles, while wardrobes or armoires are tall cabinets for hanging clothes.

  • Cabinet makers design and produce furniture, and were responsible for the conception and production of any piece of furniture before industrial design.

  • Before the arts and crafts movement, fine furniture was rare, and people made do with simple but serviceable pieces.

  • The arts and crafts movement spurred a market for traditional cabinet making and other craft goods, and the rising middle class demanded finely made furniture.

  • After World War II, woodworking became a popular hobby among the middle class, and serious and skilled amateurs now rival professional cabinet makers.

  • Glamour, Scandinavian, French Provincial, Early American Colonial, Rustic, Mission, Oriental, and Shaker are different styles of design and furniture.

  • Cabinets may be built-in or free-standing, wall hung or suspended, and have face frames or be frameless.

  • Kitchen cabinets are typically upper or wall cabinets, and base cabinets with standard heights, widths, and depths made of wood derivatives.

  • Cabinets may have a fully enclosed base, scrolled base, bracket feet, or adjustable legs, and one or more open compartments, doors, or drawers.

  • Modern cabinets employ many complicated means of making browsing lower cabinets more efficient and comfortable, such as lazy susans, blind corner cabinet pull out units, and mixer shelves.Cabinet Construction and Design

  • Cabinet construction involves the use of specialized hardware in standard cabinet carcasses.

  • Tops of the cabinets serve different purposes, from enclosing compartments to serving as a work surface.

  • The top of a kitchen cabinet serves as a countertop.

  • Cabinets can be wall-hung or floor-standing.

  • The construction of cabinets involves several materials, including wood, particleboard, and MDF.

  • Different types of cabinets are designed for various purposes, such as kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets, and office cabinets.

  • Cabinet doors can be made of different materials, including wood, glass, and metal.

  • Cabinet handles and knobs are available in various styles and finishes.

  • Cabinets can be customized to fit specific spaces and design preferences.

  • The quality of cabinet construction is essential for durability and functionality.

  • The cost of cabinet construction varies depending on the materials, design, and customization.

  • Professional installation is recommended for cabinet construction to ensure proper fitting and functionality.

Test your knowledge on cabinets with this detailed quiz! From the history of cabinet making to the different types and styles of cabinets, this quiz covers it all. Learn about the various materials used in cabinet construction, the purpose of different types of cabinets, and the importance of quality construction. Whether you're a DIY enthusiast or just interested in the world of furniture design, this quiz is sure to challenge and educate you.

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