C# MessageBox, MessageBoxButtons, MessageBoxIcon, and ToolTip Quiz

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What does the MessageBoxButtons enumeration represent in a MessageBox?

Buttons to be displayed on the MessageBox

What does the ToolTip control display when the user points at controls?


What does the MessageBoxIcon enumeration represent in a MessageBox?

Icons to be displayed on the MessageBox

What is the purpose of using the ErrorProvider with textBox1?

To validate numeric input in textBox1

When does the TextChanged event occur for a TextBox control?

When the value of the Text property changes

What is the primary purpose of a NumericUpDown control?

To provide a spin interface for pre-defined numbers

What control allows the user to make multiple selections from a number of options?


Which control represents a panel that dynamically lays out its contents in a grid composed of rows and columns?


What control is typically used to contain a logical group of RadioButton controls, each group of buttons being mutually exclusive?


Which control is used for selecting and displaying the date/time with a specific format in the form?


What control can be used to lay out its contents dynamically either horizontally or vertically?


What control can display text, an image, or both?


Which event occurs whenever the Checked property changes value?

CheckedChanged Event

What built-in control contains two panels and a splitter?


Test your knowledge of C# MessageBox, MessageBoxButtons, MessageBoxIcon, and ToolTip in Windows Forms applications. This quiz covers the different button combinations, icons, and usage of tooltips in C#.

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