Business Rules and Action Assertions in Chapter 4 © 2007 by Prentice Hall

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What type of business rule expresses constraints or control of organizational actions?

Action assertion rule

Which type of assertion allows or disallows an action?

Timer assertion

What is the classification of a business rule that is derived from other knowledge, often in the form of a formula using attribute values?

Derivation rule

Which type of object influences the ability to perform an action on another business rule?

Corresponding object

What type of assertion leads to the creation of a new object?

Enabler assertion

What type of assertion executes one or more actions?

Executive assertion

Test your knowledge of the types of action assertions and business rules as outlined in Chapter 4 of the 2007 edition by Prentice Hall. This quiz covers result, condition-IF/THEN rule, integrity constraint, authorization, form, enabler, timer, executive, rigor, controlling, and influencing.

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