BUSA8030 Week 4: Big Data and Advanced Analytics Quiz

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What is the main contribution of advanced analytics powered by big data in the 21st century?

Revolutionizing the ways organizations operate

What should organizations combine with analytics and big data for optimal decision-making?

Human knowledge and judgment

Which chapter in the reading material discusses the types of managerial decision-makers?

Chapter 6

What is a key challenge mentioned in the text regarding the utilization of big data by organizations?

Balancing the use of analytics with human knowledge

In what journal was a paper published that discusses the role of business intelligence systems in organizational knowing?

Information Systems Journal

What is essential for organizations to have in order to benefit from data-driven decision-making, according to the text?

Organizational readiness

What does the text suggest is necessary to carefully manage the challenges associated with utilizing big data?

Human knowledge and judgment

In what year was a paper published that discusses organizational business intelligence and decision making using big data analytics?


Who authored the book 'Introduction to Information Systems'?

Rainer and Prince

What type of decision-making is emphasized in Chapter 3 of the reading material?

Advanced Business Analytics

Test your knowledge on safety and emergency information, foundations and backdrop, ethics and ecologies in the context of big data and advanced analytics. Explore the significance of decision-making and the future of managerial work in the realm of management data and change.

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