Building Code Enforcement and Regulations

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The ______ Having Jurisdiction shall institute an appropriate action to prevent, restrain, correct, or abate the violation.


Any ______ mechanical system within heating or cooling equipment that is regulated by this code.


The ______ Having Jurisdiction shall be solely authorized to allow the reconnection and use of equipment that has become hazardous to life, health, or property.


Part ______ - Permits and Inspections 110.1 Permits Required.


Any persons shall not make connections from an energy, fuel, or power supply nor supply energy or fuel to any equipment regulated by this code that has been ______ or ordered to be disconnected by the Authority Having Jurisdiction.


An organization primarily established for purposes of testing to approved by the ______ Having Jurisdiction


The National Building Code of the Philippines that is adopted by this ______


A building or a portion of a building used for the gathering together of fifty (50) or more persons for such purposes as deliberation, education, instruction, worship, entertainment, amusement, drinking, dining, or awaiting ______


The ______ Having Jurisdiction shall be a local government unit, or other regional department or an individual such as a mechanical official, labor department official, health department official, building official, or others having statutory authority


That which provides a function without the necessity of human ______


A building or a portion of a building used for the gathering together of fifty (50) or more persons for such purposes as deliberation, education, instruction, worship, entertainment, amusement, drinking, dining, or awaiting transportation is called an ______ building


A ______ damper is arranged to seal off airflow automatically through a part of an air duct system.


A ______ damper is any device that will restrict, retard, or direct the flow of air in any duct.


The design flood elevation is the elevation of the 'design flood', including wave height, relative to the datum specified on the community's legally designated ______ map.

flood hazard

A direct ______ fired makeup air heater is a heater in which all the products of combustion are released into the outside airstream being heated.


A direct ______ appliance is an appliance that is constructed and installed so that all air for combustion is derived from the outside atmosphere.


A district heating plant is a power boiler plant designed to distribute hot water or steam to users located off the ______.


An evaporative cooler is a device used for reducing the sensible heat of air for cooling by the process of ______ of water into an airstream.


A flood hazard area subject to high velocity wave action is shown in the ______ Government flood hazard map.


A floor furnace is a completely self-contained furnace suspended from the ______ of the space being heated.


A forced air type central furnace is a central furnace equipped with a ______ or blower that provides the primary means for circulation of air.


A horizontal type central furnace is a furnace designed for ______ headroom installations with airflow through the appliance in a horizontal path.


A down-flow type central furnace is a furnace designed with airflow essentially in a vertical path, discharging air at or near the ______ of the furnace.


The highest stress level that the component can tolerate without rupture is known as the component's ______ ULTIMATE.


The rate of outdoor airflow required at the ventilation system outdoor air intake is known as SYSTEM OUTDOOR AIRFLOW (______).


A person who has become proficient in performing a skill reliably and safely through instruction and practice/field experience acceptable to the Authority Having Jurisdiction is considered ______.


A room having a volume of at least twelve is referred to as a ______ large in comparison with the size of equipment.


A heating appliance designed for nonresidential space heating and equipped with an integral means for circulation of air is known as a ______ HEATER.


Construction where walls and ceilings exposed to the outside atmosphere have a continuous water vapor retarder with a rating of one (1) perm or less with any openings gasketed or sealed is referred to as ______ TIGHT CONSTRUCTION.


Test your knowledge of building codes and regulations. Learn about the authority having jurisdiction, equipment maintenance, and connection orders. Understand the laws and rules that govern building construction and maintenance.

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