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Which term is used to describe the science of plant life and is a branch of biology?


What is the origin of the term 'botany'?

Ancient Greek word meaning 'pasture'

Which organisms are traditionally included in the study of botany?

Fungi and algae

Approximately how many species of land plants do botanists study?


What is the main focus of study for botanists?

Plant life

Which of the following is NOT a macromolecule found in a cell?


What is the approximate size range of most plant and animal cells?

10-100 micrometers

Which type of microscope provides a higher resolution for studying cell structure?

Electron microscope

How are organisms classified based on the number of cells they have?

By their cellularity

What is the meaning of the Latin word 'cellula' from which the term 'cell' is derived?

Small room

Test your knowledge of botany with this quiz! From plant anatomy to photosynthesis, challenge yourself on various aspects of plant science. Whether you're a budding botanist or simply curious about plants, this quiz will put your knowledge to the test. Let's see how green your thumb really is!

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