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What is the primary function of the bridge organisation on a vessel?

To navigate and ensure the safe manoeuvering of the vessel

Which role is typically included in the bridge personnel structure?

Officer(s) of the watch (OOW)

What is the role of the Lookout in the bridge organisation?

To assist in navigation by using radar systems

Who is responsible for coordinating the effort to navigate the vessel effectively and respond to navigational challenges?


True or false: The bridge organisation is not responsible for the safety of the vessel and its crew during its voyage.


True or false: The organisational structure of the bridge personnel is the same across all vessels.


True or false: The Master (Captain) is not a part of the bridge personnel structure.


True or false: Each member of the bridge organisation plays a specific role in the coordinated effort to navigate the vessel effectively.


______ organisation is crucial for ensuring the safety of the vessel, its crew, passengers, and the marine environment.


Test your knowledge of bridge organisation and navigation with this quiz. Learn about the roles and responsibilities of the structured team responsible for the safe manoeuvering of vessels.

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