Blue Ocean Mini-Competition Rules for High School Students

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What is the maximum number of students allowed per team in the competition?

5 students

What must all participants do before submitting their pitch?

Take an online Blue Ocean Mini-Course

What is the file size limit for the video pitches?

Under 1 GB

When is the submission deadline for the pitches?

Feb 18, 2024, midnight

What language must the pitches be in?

English only

What happens if a pitch violates laws or trademarks?

It will be eliminated and the participant disqualified

What is mandatory when describing your business idea for the pitch?

Using the templates provided

How will each pitch be evaluated?

By multiple judges who will watch randomly assigned pitches

What happens once the Top 25 Pitches are chosen?

Feedback on the pitch from the judges in that round will be provided

How is the People's Choice Award chosen?

By a combination of YouTube likes and judge likes

What is the consequence of violating any rule?

Disqualification from the competition

What does a score of '5' represent in the Judging Criteria Category?

The concept is a novel idea that achieves both differentiation and low cost

What does a score of '3' represent in the Judging Criteria Category?

The message is unclear and group shows little enthusiasm

What should students use to describe the competitive landscape and how their offering stands apart?

Strategy Canvas

Learn the rules and eligibility criteria for participating in the Blue Ocean Mini-Competition designed for high school students. Understand the age requirements, team formation options, and registration guidelines to ensure a smooth entry into the competition.

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