Black Student Activism & the Black Power Movement in Higher Education

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What were some of the demands of African-American students during the black student activism movement in the 1960s?

The admission of more black students, the hiring of more black faculty, and the creation of an academic field of black studies.

What were the main goals of the black power movement?

To promote radical black dignity and citizenship, raise black consciousness, criticize white supremacy and privilege.

What was one key aspect of the black power movement?

The call for self-determination and taking control of their education.

What did self-determination mean to many young black people during the black power movement?

Taking control of their education and moving the history of African-Americans to the center.

What was the impact of the black power movement on American higher education?

It resulted in the admission of more black students and the hiring of more black faculty.

Test your knowledge on the transformative impact of black student activism and the Black Power movement on American higher education. Explore the demands for increased black student enrollment, hiring of black faculty, and the emergence of the academic field of Black Studies.

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