BIS 202 Analysis and Design of Information System Mid-term Exam 2023

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Which of the following graphically displays one or more business processes, such as handling an airline reservation, filling a product order, or updating a customer account?

Business process model (BPM)

Which components can provide automated responses to sales inquiries, online order processing, and inventory tracking?

Customer relationship management (CRM)

What must be achieved to fulfill a company’s mission?

Critical success factor

What does total cost of ownership (TCO) include?

Both ongoing support and maintenance costs, as well as acquisition costs

What does the acronym TCO stand for in the context of project management?

Total cost of ownership

If any task along a critical path falls behind schedule, what will happen to the entire project?

It will be delayed

What is one of the activities involved in project planning for a project manager?

Involves identifying project tasks and estimating completion times and costs

What are the three legs of a project triangle?

Requirements, resources, and time

Who negotiates with users who might have conflicting requirements or want changes that would require additional time or expense in a project?


What does project scheduling involve as an activity for a project manager?

Includes budgeting a project based on the number of modules and their complexity in a project

What involves breaking a project down into a series of smaller tasks?

Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)

Take the mid-term exam for BIS 202 - Analysis and Design of Information System at Assiut University. Answer multiple-choice questions and demonstrate your understanding of the course material within the given 1-hour duration. Note that using any AI tools or attempting to cheat may lead to disqualification from the course.

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