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What is the role of NADH in cellular respiration?

Transports high-energy electrons to the electron transport chain

Which molecule is directly responsible for the production of ATP in the electron transport chain?


In cellular respiration, what is the function of the electron transport chain?

Generates ATP through oxidative phosphorylation

Which organelle is responsible for the majority of ATP production in eukaryotic cells?


What is the primary function of chlorophyll a in photosynthesis?

Capture light energy for conversion into chemical energy

In which cellular process does the enzyme Rubisco play a role?

Calvin cycle

Which of the following is a byproduct of the electron transport chain in cellular respiration?


During which phase of photosynthesis does photophosphorylation occur?

Light-dependent reactions

What is the primary role of NADPH in photosynthesis?

Capture and transfer of electrons

Which part of the chloroplast is involved in the production of oxygen during photosynthesis?

Thylakoid membrane

Study Notes

Cellular Respiration

  • ATP is produced during oxidative phosphorylation
  • Water is produced during the electron transport chain
  • Carbon dioxide is released during the Krebs cycle
  • ATP synthase is the enzyme responsible for catalyzing the synthesis of ATP


  • The Calvin cycle takes place in the stroma of the chloroplast
  • The primary product of the Calvin cycle is glucose
  • The light-dependent reactions occur in the thylakoid membrane
  • Photophosphorylation is the process of converting light energy into chemical energy
  • NADP+ captures and transfers electrons during photosynthesis

Electron Transport Chain

  • The electron transport chain generates a proton gradient
  • Oxygen is the final electron acceptor in the electron transport chain
  • The electron transport chain is involved in the production of ATP


  • Glycolysis is the breakdown of glucose in the presence of oxygen
  • Pyruvate is produced during glycolysis
  • The net gain of ATP molecules during glycolysis is 2 ATP

Other Processes

  • Fermentation is the breakdown of glucose in the absence of oxygen
  • Anaerobic respiration in humans produces lactic acid as a byproduct
  • The ATP synthase complex is involved in the production of ATP during cellular respiration
  • ATP is primarily used for energy storage in cellular processes
  • Aerobic respiration takes place in the mitochondrion
  • The primary function of the Krebs cycle is to produce ATP and NADH

Test your knowledge with this quiz on bioenergetics and cellular processes, specifically designed for MDCAT preparation. Includes multiple-choice questions with answer keys covering topics like ATP function, aerobic respiration, and glycolysis.

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