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Why is biodiversity important in providing food?

It offers a variety of animals and plants for consumption.

What is one of the threats to biodiversity mentioned in the text?

Human population growth

How many different species have scientists found and named so far?

1.7 million

What does the text suggest contributes to the exhaustion of land or sea?

Human overuse of resources

What is one way biodiversity helps to service the Earth according to the text?

By cleaning water in wetland areas

What does biodiversity refer to?

The variety of living things in an ecosystem

How does biodiversity make the world beautiful and interesting according to the text?

By offering a plethora of species and landscapes

'Biodiversity' is important for ________.

Supplying oxygen for breathing

Which activity contributes to biodiversity loss as per the text?

Overusing land or sea resources.

What does the text suggest about the total number of species on Earth?

The estimated range is between 3 and 30 million species.

Study Notes

Biodiversity: The Concept

  • Take a walk in the countryside and observe the variety of living things in a small area to appreciate biodiversity.

Biodiversity: The Facts

  • There are an estimated 1.7 million identified species, but scientists believe there are between 3 and 30 million species in total.
  • Nobody knows the exact number of species in the world.

Importance of Biodiversity

  • Provides variety of food in supermarkets through agriculture and animal husbandry.
  • Serves as a basis for medical research, with most medicines developed from plant and animal biology.
  • Helps maintain ecological balance and services the Earth.
  • Wetland areas clean water, and plants produce oxygen for humans to breathe.
  • Adds beauty and interest to the world.

Threats to Biodiversity

  • Increasing human population leads to increased land and resource use.
  • Construction and development destroy habitats, leading to loss of areas for plants, insects, birds, and animals to live and feed.
  • Overuse of land and sea exhausts their resources.

This quiz challenges you to observe the biodiversity of a small area in the countryside by counting plants, insects, and other living things. It prompts you to reflect on the variety of species present in nature within a limited space.

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