Biochemistry 1 Lecture: Introduction

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What is the general formula for carbohydrates?


Which functional groups are present in carbohydrates?

C=O and -OH

What is the most common example of a carbohydrate mentioned in the text?


In addition to providing dietary calories, what other function do carbohydrates serve?

Acting as a storage form of energy in the body

What role do carbohydrates play in the synthesis of RNA and DNA structure?

Synthesis of oxy and deoxy ribose sugars

Which of the following is NOT a biological function of lipids?

Formation of immunoglobulins for adaptive immunity

What is the primary structure of proteins composed of?

Amino acids

Which component is responsible for the storage of energy in adipocytes?


What role do hormones play in the body?

Chemical messaging

What is the main function of structural proteins?

Necessary components of the body

Test your knowledge of the introduction to biochemistry, including the study of chemical processes in living organisms and the structures and functions of biological macromolecules.

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