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What is the primary material used in modern breweries?

Stainless steel

Which market segment in the craft beer industry involves brewing on the customer's premises and serving the beer on-site?


What is the key advantage of using stainless steel in brewing equipment?

Does not impart flavor and reacts with few chemicals

Which type of brewery is characterized by moving from one location to another to use excess capacity at different breweries?

Contract brewing companies

In which section of a brewery are pressurized steam often used for heating?

Brewhouse section

Which type of brewery operates similarly to a cooperative, with multiple breweries sharing facilities and equipment?

Alternating proprietors

What is a common method used for cooling in breweries?

Cooling jackets on tanks

What type of analysis is commonly performed on beer samples in modern brewing plants?

Analysis for oxygen content and microbial infections

What do brewery researchers aim to achieve by manipulating the genes of barley and other grains?

To increase disease resistance and encourage helpful mutations

Why are samples of the finished product stored for months in breweries?

For quality control purposes when complaints are received

What is one key area of research in the brewing industry mentioned in the text?

Improving yeast resistance to contamination

What is a common practice in breweries to correct for variations in ingredient shipments?

Analyzing and adjusting based on shipment analyses

Test your knowledge on the global brewing industry, including multinational companies, microbreweries, regional breweries, and craft breweries. Learn about the process of beer production and the different types of breweries involved.

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