Basophils: The Least Common Granulocyte

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Which of the following compounds do basophils produce to induce inflammation?

Histamine and serotonin

What is the most common type of granulocyte?


Who discovered basophils in 1879?

Paul Ehrlich

What type of tissue were mast cells once thought to be derived from?


What feature makes basophils susceptible to staining by basic dyes?

Large cytoplasmic granules

Study Notes

Basophils and Inflammation

  • Basophils produce histamine to induce inflammation.

Types of Granulocytes

  • The most common type of granulocyte is neutrophils.

Discovery of Basophils

  • Paul Ehrlich discovered basophils in 1879.

Origin of Mast Cells

  • Mast cells were once thought to be derived from connective tissue.

Staining Characteristics of Basophils

  • The presence of acidic granules in basophils makes them susceptible to staining by basic dyes.

Learn about the role of basophils, the least common type of granulocyte. Discover their function in inflammatory reactions during immune response and their involvement in allergic diseases.

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