Basic Assumptions Behind Observational Methods

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What type of interview question asks participants to describe similarities, differences, or the relative importance of different things?


In ethnography, what type of notes are primary records that detail human interactions and its settings?

Descriptive notes

What is the focus of ethnography?

Local, individual, subjective knowledge

What is the structure of a funnel sequence in interviews?

Start with broad questions and gradually narrow down to specifics

What is the main emphasis of qualitative research?

Emphasis on participant perspectives

What is the purpose of unobtrusive measurement in observational methods?

To assess what people tell us and what they actually do

Which method emphasizes watching ritual performances?

Performance studies

What is the main tactical decision in interview strategy?

Interviewer's 'personality'

Explore the fundamental assumptions underpinning observational methods, such as the individuality and subjectivity of participants, the importance of their insights and perspectives, and the emphasis on interpretation and meaning over easily quantified information. Also, learn about the similarities and differences between qualitative and quantitative research approaches.

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