Bangladesh National Parliament Act of 2006

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What is the purpose of the Information & Communication Technology Act, 2006?

To provide legal recognition and security for Information & Communication Technology

According to the Act, what is the definition of a 'digital signature'?

Data that is related to another electronic data and satisfies specific conditions for validation

What conditions must a digital signature meet for validating it, according to the Act?

Must uniquely affix with the signatory, capable of identifying the signatory, created securely, and related to attached data

Which date did the President approve the Act No. 39 of 2006 on?

23 Ashwin, 1413

What is the geographical reach of the Information & Communication Technology Act, 2006?

Throughout Bangladesh

What is the definition of 'electronic record'?

Data, record or data generated, image or sound stored, received or sent in an electronic form

What does 'data message' encompass?

Electronic data interchange including optical, electronic mail, telegram, telex, fax

How is 'electronic form' defined with respect to information?

Information generated and stored in media like computer memory or microfilm

What is the definition of 'digital signature certificate'?

A certificate issued for digitally signing official documents

How is 'data' described according to the text?

Instructions intended to be processed in a computer system and stored internally

This quiz is about Act No. 39 of the year 2006 undertaken by the Bangladesh National Parliament to provide legal recognition and security of Information and Communication Technology. It was approved by the President on 8 October 2006.

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