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What does full financial inclusion in Bangladesh, according to the National Financial Inclusion Strategy paper, entail?

Creating access to various financial services such as savings, loans, payments, transactions, and insurance for earning individuals

What percentage of women customers are associated with financial services through banking, according to the text?


Based on the Global Findex data of 2020 and the IFC survey data of 2022, what percentage of working women in Bangladesh are not utilizing financial services?

50% to 55%

What is one of the challenges mentioned in the text regarding women's financial inclusion in Bangladesh?

Low percentage of women financially included through cooperative services

What is the government's target year to bring 100% of the people under financial services in Bangladesh?


What is the primary barrier preventing women in Bangladesh from achieving financial inclusion?

Social and cultural norms that restrict women's economic participation

Which statement best describes the current state of financial inclusion for women in Bangladesh, according to the text?

Women primarily have access to basic financial services but face limitations in accessing loans and advanced services

What is one of the challenges mentioned in the text regarding women's use of digital financial services?

Reliance on male family members for assistance due to technological illiteracy

What is a necessary step to address the gender gap in financial inclusion?

Creating a gender-disaggregated database on financial inclusion that is publicly accessible

Which statement best reflects the text's stance on achieving financial inclusion for women in Bangladesh?

Ensuring women's financial inclusion necessitates a comprehensive approach that addresses underlying social and cultural norms

Test your knowledge on the National Financial Inclusion Strategy outlined by the Government of Bangladesh. Learn about the importance of full financial inclusion and the range of financial services available to earning individuals.

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