Bacterial Cells: Inclusions and Endospores

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What is the most common lipid in which diverse prokaryotes store carbon?

Poly-β-hydroxybutyric acid (PHB)

What is the primary function of inclusions found within bacterial cells?

Storage of a substance

What do select microbes produce to store inorganic phosphate?

Polyphosphate granules

What do bacteria and archaea oxidize to produce sulfur storage granules for energy?

Reduced sulfur compounds

What are gas vesicles?

Protein structures that keep water/solutes out, but allow gas in

Which structure is unique to endospores?

Dipicolinic acid (DPA) complexed with Ca2+

What do small acid soluble proteins (SASPs) do during sporulation?

Bind DNA and help make it more compact, protecting it from damage

What is the function of carboxysomes?

Concentrate enzymes involved in carbon fixation to increase efficiency and reduce unwanted side reactions

What is the main purpose of microcompartments produced by some bacteria?

To encase specific enzymes/metabolites/cofactors to make metabolism more efficient

What happens when the environment becomes more favorable for endospores?

The spore can be activated, germinate and return to the vegetative state

What is the unique feature of the core of endospores that increases resistance to desiccation, heat, and chemicals?

Dipicolinic acid (DPA) complexed with Ca2+

What is the function of exosporium in some spores?

Protective protein layer that provides resistance/stability

What makes endospores much more resistant than other kinds of bacterial spores?

Unique dipicolinic acid (DPA) complexed with Ca2+ and small acid soluble proteins (SASPs)

What do gas vesicles confer to certain microbes?

Buoyancy – bring these microbes to a favourable environment

Test your knowledge on the inclusions found within bacterial cells and the formation of endospores with this quiz. Explore the diverse functions of inclusions and the protein shells that encase endospores.

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