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Which statement best describes the nature of B2B markets?

B2B markets involve buying and selling goods or services for the production of other goods and services.

What is the main difference between B2B buying and B2C buying?

B2B buying involves purchasing goods or services for resale, while B2C buying involves purchasing goods or services for personal consumption.

What is the purpose of the Mastercard Track Business Payment Service?

To facilitate the movement of money between B2B firms.

What are the steps in the B2B buying process?

Identification of potential suppliers, negotiation, purchase decision, post-purchase evaluation.

What is the buying centre in B2B marketing?

The group of individuals involved in the B2B buying decision-making process.

Which one of these is NOT a learning objective of Chapter 6?

Describing positioning and how firms do it

What is the target market for SoCIAL LITE Vodka?


What is the first step in the segmentation-targeting-positioning process?

Establishing overall strategy or objectives

Which targeting strategy focuses on a single segment?


What is the purpose of segmentation bases?

To identify the target market

Test your knowledge of Business-to-Business (B2B) Marketing with this quiz. Learn about the nature and composition of B2B markets, the key differences between B2B buying and B2C buying, the steps in the B2B buying process, and the roles within the buying center. Explore various buying situations in this informative quiz.

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