Australian Aboriginal Policies and Rights

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In 1937, the Commonwealth Government held a national conference on ______ affairs


The aim of assimilation was to make the '______ problem' gradually disappear


State guardianship of all ______ children was a feature of protection and assimilation policies


Another major feature of the assimilation policy was stepping up the forcible removal of ______ children from their families


The Aborigines Protection Act 1909 was 'An Act to provide for the protection and care of ______ people'


What was the primary objective of the assimilation policy implemented by the Commonwealth Government in 1937?

To make the 'Aboriginal problem' gradually disappear so that Aboriginal people would lose their identity in the wider community.

What were some of the harsh measures implemented under the protection and assimilation policies to segregate Indigenous people from the wider community?

Separate education for Aboriginal children, town curfews, alcohol bans, no social security, lower wages, and laws that segregated Indigenous people into separate living areas, mainly on special reserves outside towns or in remote areas.

What was the significance of the Aborigines Protection Act 1909 in the context of Indigenous rights and freedoms?

The Act provided for the protection and care of Indigenous people, but in reality, it led to the enforcement of protection and assimilation policies that harmed Indigenous people.

What was the impact of the assimilation policy on Indigenous families, particularly in relation to their children?

The assimilation policy led to the forcible removal of Indigenous children from their families and their placement in white institutions or foster homes.

What were the underlying assumptions about Indigenous people that drove the assimilation policy?

The assumption that Indigenous people were inferior and needed to be 'civilized' and assimilated into the wider population.

Explore the government policies and their impact on the rights and freedoms of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, including the assimilation policy of 1937. Understand how these policies affected their identity and social status.

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