Attributes of Al-Malik in Islam

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What does the name Al-Quddous mean?


How is Allah described in terms of weaknesses and flaws?

Allah is described as above any weaknesses or flaws.

In what way is Allah described in relation to human qualities?

It would be a misunderstanding, or even impolite, to try and attribute any human qualities, whether they are imperfect or perfect, to Allah.

How is Allah described in relation to any description that can be sensed, imagined, or understood by our consciences?

Allah ‘azza wa jall is beyond any description that can be sensed, imagined, fantasized, or understood by our consciences.

How is Allah ‘azza wa jall described in relation to our ideas of perfection?

Allah ‘azza wa jall is even higher than our ideas of perfection.

What is the term that describes the attribute of mulk, meaning power and capability?


What does mulk also mean?

possession and ownership

Describe the attributes of Al-Malik as mentioned in the text.

Supreme King, Ruler, Owner of all creatures, ultimate power and wealth, self-sufficient, rich, ultimate ruler of everything

What does the text state about Allah 'azza wa jall's rule and authority?

Allah 'azza wa jall has absolute authority with no one above Him, He is the ultimate ruler with complete control over everything.

How does the text describe the relationship between everything and everyone with Allah 'azza wa jall?

Everything and everyone relies on Him, but Allah 'azza wa jall does not depend on anything.

This quiz explores the term 'Al-Malik' in Islam, describing it as the attribute of 'mulk' which means power, capability, possession, and ownership. It delves into the concept that Allah is the Supreme King, Ruler, and Owner of all creatures, with ultimate power and wealth, self-sufficiency, and reliance of everything on Him.

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