Atomic Number and Mass Number

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What is the atomic number defined by?

Number of protons

How is the mass number of a single atom calculated?

Protons + Neutrons

Which subatomic particle is essentially without mass?


What is the common factor among all atoms of the same element?

Atomic number

How are protons and electrons distinguished in terms of charge?

+1 charge for protons and -1 charge for electrons

What is the charge of a neutron?


How can one determine the atomic number of an element?

By looking at the periodic table

What is the relationship between isotopes and mass numbers?

Isotopes have different mass numbers

How is the mass number of an atom calculated?

A = Protons + Neutrons

Which element has 14 protons and 15 neutrons in a specific isotope?


What does the mass number of an element represent?

The number of protons + neutrons in an atom of the element

How can one calculate the number of neutrons in an atom if given the atomic and mass numbers?

Number of neutrons = Atomic number - Mass number

Which statement is true about atomic and mass numbers?

Atomic numbers are unique to each element, while mass numbers vary for different isotopes.

What is the relationship between atomic and mass numbers?

Atomic number is the number of protons, while the mass number is protons + neutrons.

What distinguishes atomic number from mass number in terms of elements?

Atomic number is automatically known from the element's identity, while mass number must be determined based on neutrons.

Learn about the concepts of atomic number and mass number. Understand how these values are determined by the number of protons and neutrons in an atom. Explore how atomic number is unique for each element, while mass number varies based on isotopes.

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