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What is the main concept highlighted in the first lecture of Human Biology?

Chemical bonding of atoms makes molecules

What is the significance of Carbon in the context of the lecture?

It is a chemical component of cells

Why do biology and cell biology heavily depend on chemistry and physics?

To understand molecular structure and chemical reactions of cells

Why is understanding the buffering system of the cell important?

To appreciate cellular structure and function in terms of chemical events

How does the lecture describe carbohydrates?

As building blocks that make up the cell

What facilities are available to deliver the lectures in Human Biology according to the text?

Daily Quizzes along with PowerPoint slides, videos, and pictures

What is the definition of atomic mass or atomic weight?

The sum of protons and neutrons in an atom

Why is helium used instead of hydrogen in balloons?

Hydrogen is flammable while helium is not

What are the three basic components of an atom?

Protons, neutrons, electrons

Where are protons and neutrons located within an atom?

Surrounding the nucleus

What distinguishes one element from another?

Atomic number

What do isotopes refer to in relation to atoms?

Atoms with different numbers of neutrons but the same number of protons

What is the attraction between protons and electrons in an atom compared to?

Attraction between two positively charged magnets

What determines the distance of electrons from an atom's nucleus?

The amount of energy the electrons have

Why are radioisotopes considered unstable?

They tend to give off radiation and particles to reach a stable state

Why can radiation emitted by radioisotopes be dangerous to living organisms?

It can damage tissues by releasing energy and particles

Which subatomic particle is responsible for the negative charge in an atom?


What property differentiates one element from another?

Atomic number

What do electrons tend to do when positioning themselves around the centre of the atom?

Pair up to form energy levels

How many electrons can the first orbital or level of an atom contain?


Which two elements make up over 98% of all living material by weight?

Carbon and Hydrogen

What happens when atoms transfer electrons to fill their outermost electron shells?

They react due to unbalanced electrostatic charges

Which element from Table-1 has an atomic number of 15?


What is the basis for the vast variety of chemical reactions and chemical bonds that occur in nature?

Tendency of atoms to fill their outermost electron energy level

What is the recommended way to add phytochemicals to the diet according to nutritionists?

Moderately consume foods with phytochemicals

What phytochemical found in tomatoes, strawberries, and watermelon gives them their red color?


Apart from citrus fruits, which other food group mentioned contains Vitamin C and flavonoids?

Cantaloupes and plums

What is the main role of antioxidants in the body?

Preventing damage to cell molecules by free radicals

Which hormone serves as a natural antioxidant in the body?


Test your knowledge on atomic mass and atomic number. Learn how to calculate the atomic mass of an atom by adding the number of protons and neutrons. Discover special cases like the element hydrogen, which has an atomic number and atomic weight of 1.

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