Astronomy and Celestial Motion

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What is the apparent daily motion of the sky from East to West called?

Diurnal motion

Which phenomenon results from the Earth's rotation on its axis?

Diurnal motion

What is the apparent yearly movement of the stars as observed from Earth called?

Annual motion

What is the apparent motion of a planet in a direction opposite to that of other bodies within its system called?

Retrograde motion

What is the motion of the Earth which consists of a cyclic wobbling in the Earth’s axis of rotation with a period of 25,772 years called?


What is the projection of a great circle onto the sky of the earth’s equator called?

Celestial equator

Who proposed the geocentric model of the universe?


Which model assumed the Sun to be at or near the central point with the Earth and other bodies revolving around it?

Heliocentric Model

Who modified the heliocentric model by adding epicycles and uniform speeds for planetary orbits?


Which type of motion refers to putting objects in their natural position such as the earth below water, water below air, air below fire, and all below others?

Vertical Motion

Who proposed a model that had a series of 53 concentric, crystalline, transparent spheres rotating on different axes?


Which type of motion pertains to the movement of chemical change like burning and decay?


Who proposed the homocentric model of the universe?


Which model claimed that the Earth is the center of the universe, with the sun and planets revolving around it?

Geocentric Model

Who placed the Sun in the middle of the solar system and also placed the planets in the right order from the Sun?


Who is known for being a proponent of The Epicycle and Deferent and the Eccentric Model of Planetary Orbits?


Test your knowledge of astronomical phenomena such as the universe, diurnal motion, annual motion, and retrograde motion. Explore questions related to the movements of celestial objects and the nature of space and time.

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