Astronaut Daily Routine in the International Space Station

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Astronauts' schedules are planned down to one-minute increments by NASA.


Astronauts in the ISS take showers using regular shampoo and water.


Astronauts have to exercise for at least one hour a day in space.


Breakfast for astronauts in the ISS consists of two meals a day.


Spacewalks are not a common activity for astronauts in the ISS.


Study Notes

  • Astronauts' schedules are planned down to five-minute increments by NASA.
  • Astronauts in the International Space Station (ISS) perform tasks while orbiting Earth.
  • Morning routine starts with a wake-up call and brushing teeth using a water bag and toothpaste.
  • Astronauts use rinseless shampoo for showering since there are no actual showers in space.
  • Breakfast consists of three meals a day, with calorie requirements differing for each astronaut.
  • Astronauts work on science experiments and help maintain the ISS.
  • Exercise is mandatory for at least two hours a day due to long-term health risks in space.
  • Equipment for working out includes a treadmill, bike, and advanced resistive exercise device.
  • Lunchtime consists of dehydrated meals and occasional fresh fruit.
  • Spacewalks and laboratory experiments are part of everyday life in the ISS.

Explore the daily schedule and activities of astronauts living and working on the International Space Station, from morning routines to science experiments and exercise requirements. Learn about the unique challenges and tasks involved in living in space.

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